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Sweden is ​​449,964 km ² and is the largest country on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Border formalities

For Sweden you need a valid passport or identity card. Because os the Schengen Agreementthere is in principle no passport control.


The capital of Sweden is Stockholm, which is also the largest city of Sweden.


Sweden is perfect for a holiday with the whole family. Swedish campsites and hotels are known as child friendly. Across the country are many activities that you and your children will give many moments of entertainment.

Climate/ Weather

Sweden has a temperate climate that in the east and north gradually turns into a continental climate. The average temperatures are in the southern half of Sweden hardly lower than in the Netherlands. Well starts the cold season earlier (September / October) and ends later (April / May). The warm season (May-September), however, has more sunshine with longer days, more stable temperatures and low humidity. In the higher regions of the far north is a polar climate with lots of snow and rain and often extremely low winter temperatures. 


The Swedish kitchen has a lot of fish, venison and potato dishes. Known Swedish dishes are köttbullar (meatballs), kräftskiva (crayfish), pyttipanna (a stew with potatoes, onions and meat) smörgåsbord (a feast of four courses), ärtsoppa med pannkakor (pea soup with pancakes) and surströmming (pickled herring). Kanelbullar (cakes with cinnamon) are one of the most typical Swedish cookies.


The Swedish culture belongs to the Scandinavian cultures. The Swedish language is a major vehicle of culture, and also some typical Swedish midsummer traditions called kräftskivor. In popular culture, Sweden is abroad especially known for the children's books, like Pippi Langkous and Nils Holgersson, and various pop groups like ABBA, Roxette, Europe, The Cardigans and Ace of Base, but also house artists like Eric Prydz, Avicii and Swedish House Mafia.


In the economic area, Sweden is known for the Swedish design, multinational retailers such as IKEA, and wood production. In addition, there is export from steel, electronics, motor vehicles and machinery. In September 2003 there was a referendum on the introduction of the euro. A majority of 62% of the Swedish people rejected thev euro. Meanwhile, much legislation has been adapted so that the euro is equated with the crown in favor of European trade with Sweden.


The voltage in Sweden is 230V/50Hz. The sockets are suitable for plugs with thick poles. An adapter is sometimes necessary.


The most evocative animals in Sweden are the four large predators; the bear, the lynx, wolverine and wolf. These four are called the "Big Four of Scandinavia". In Värmland in the village Råda (at Hagfors) is the predators center "Rovdjurscenter The Big Four". In addition, Sweden has the moose and the reindeer.


The most common trees in Sweden are the pine, larch and spruce. The north of Sweden is part of Lapland. During the summer period the country has many flowers, including poppies and daisies. There are many national parks, including the Padjelanta National Park. Some natural phenomena are the midnight sun and the northern lights. In Sweden there is Allemansrätten. This means that one is free to move in nature wherever you want, provided that no damage or inconvenience are caused and nature is respected.


The official name of Sweden is Sverige Konungariket. The state Sweden originated in the Middle Ages and in the early modern period it became a superpower .


The forests in Sweden are mainly in the north. The south is flatter and has more relief. In addition, Sweden has many lakes. The two largest lakes Vättern and Vänern, are both located in the south. The Kebnekaise mountain is 2114 meters high, the highest point in Sweden. Sweden forms, together with Norway, Finland and Denmark, the Scandinavian country group. Sweden's east coast borders the Gulf of Bothnia and the southeast and south bordering the Baltic Sea. In the southwest borders Sweden Skagerrak and Kattegat. Furthermore, among the islands of Öland and Gotland Sweden, situated in the Baltic Sea.


Sweden is a parliamentary monarchy. Administrative divisions: 21 provinces (County). Sweden is a member of the Nordic Council and since 1 January 1995 a member of the European Union.


In Sweden, the equality principle underlies the construction of society. Every human being has the same rights and responsibilities. Including Those with disabilities. Society must be arranged so That everyone can Contribute to the development of society and That everyone can fully participate in society.


Health care in Sweden is of good quality. No vaccinations are required. Recommended are vaccinations against tick-borne encephalitis, when more than 4 weeks in the nature of Sweden hiking or camping in the months of March till November. The tap water is drinkable in Sweden.


Sweden has 9,074,055 (2010) inhabitants. Besides Sweden there are Norwegians and Finns in the country.


In Sweden, most airports, train stations, hotels and public libraries give access to the Internet. In most cities there are also Internet cafes.


The official language of Sweden is Swedish, over 90% of the population speaks also English. The Vikings spoke a common Germanic language Old Norse or Norrön. Swedish is only since 2009 the formal official language. Recognised minority languages ​​are the Sami, the Meänkieli, Finnish, Yiddish and Roma.


The currency in Sweden is the Swedish Krona (SEK). 10 SEK = € 1.03 (January 2011). The average price is high in comparison with the Netherlands.

National Anthem

Du gamla, Du fria is the anthem of Sweden. In addition, Sweden has a royal anthem (Ur svenska hjärtans Djup and corridor).


If you want to take your dog or cat to Sweden, the dog or cat must be registered and wear a clearly readable tattoo or microchip. When using a chip, it is important that this chip is conforming to ISO standards. The animal must be vaccinated against rabies before departure, by a licensed veterinarian. The vaccination must be at least 3 months old.


The predominant religion in Sweden, and until 2000 the state church, is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden. By the end of 2011 was 68.8% of the population (1.2% less than a year earlier) official member of the state church. Since 2000 Sweden birth does not automatically make people members of the state church and since that year, the percentage of members annually decrease by more than 1%. Other Christians are Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Baptists. In addition there are in Sweden smaller groups of Muslims, Jews and Buddhists.


The national emergency number is 112 in Sweden.


Smoking is not allowed in Sweden in public areas. In restaurants, cafes and bars, smoking is only allowed in an enclosed smoking room.


In Sweden, winter sports such as ice hockey, bandy, innebandy, skating and skiing are very popular. In summer, the country has many water sports on the lakes. Also, football is a popular sport in Sweden. 


The country code for Sweden is +46.


In Sweden hotel prices include additional costs for the service. The bill does not include gratuity; 10 percent tip is a normal amount. The tips for night services are higher. Taxi drivers expect around 10 per cent tip.


EU citizens can live and work in Sweden without a work permit. If no EU passport you'll need a work permit or residence permit.


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